Cassette Tape Nostalgia (Rick Astley Nearly 30 Years On)

In the past, I’ve described the inherent sound of cassette tape as “the analogue goodness of vinyl, just less of it”. It wasn’t always so however.  Back in 1963, when Philips developed the cassette format, it was never intended to be a music medium, let alone a hi-fi one.  The cassette (and the machine to play and record on them) was compact and simple enough to make a good dictation system for the office.  There were a number of restrictions that hindered the cassette’s use for music playback.

Rega Saturn-R Review

If you’re after an analogue sounding CD player / DAC and its eccentricities and build quality foibles don’t phase you, the Saturn is a fine CD player and worth an audition.

Arcam irDAC-II Review

Continuing on from the success of the previous irDAC, Arcam’s new irDAC-II is a high-resolution DAC and headphone amplifier and bluetooth streamer housed within a slim and stylish chassis. Yet again Arcam impress with a product that represents superb value for money, incorporating the very best technology and offering up a top notch musical performance.

Arcam MiniBlink Review

If you want to add Bluetooth streaming to your system, look no further than Arcam’s MiniBlink, a pebble-shaped Bluetooth-only DAC. It sounds great, too.

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