Sony CDP-361 Belt Replacement & Review

Ordinary in its appearance and almost empty inside, Sony’s CDP-361 is more than a flimsy metal box filled mostly with air. Easy to service and very little in them to go wrong, If you’re after a high-quality, fully functional CD player, or transport to feed discs to your DAC, the CDP-361 and its ilk should make your shortlist.

Pro-Ject CD Box S2 Review

If Pro-ject can tweak the software and include a better remote handset in the box (a must at this price), this would be a serious contender and is very much worth an audition.

Rega Saturn-R Review

If you’re after an analogue sounding CD player / DAC and its eccentricities and build quality foibles don’t phase you, the Saturn is a fine CD player and worth an audition.