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Kali Audio LP6 Active Monitors Reviewed

the LP-6 is the very foundation of what a great reference monitor should be. You can be confident that your productions on these monitors will translate as you intended across all manner of systems and devices. And they’re a joy to listen to as well, when you want to kick back and chill with your favourite tunes.

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Kali Audio IN-8 V2 Coincident Active Studio Monitors Reviewed

One of the best coincident driver designs around regardless of price, Paired with an equally adept bass driver, clever port design and unique DSP-based boundary equalisation. These active monitors are quite extraordinary at their position not far from the bottom rung of the price ladder.


SoundCraft 22MTK 22-Channel USB Mixing Console Review

It’s a simple 22-channel console and recording interface with none of the useless gimmicks often cluttering up boards at this price. It produces recordings of exceptional quality and is as at home live as it is in the studio. Best of all it’s affordable enough for the gigging local band, the bedroom musician looking to take the next step into quality recording, or even a project studio able to turn out high-quality output for release.