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Audio-Technica AT-LP5X Direct-Drive Turntable In-Depth Review

For those looking to play records to a high standard with minimal fuss and an easy upgrade path, the LP5X is hard to fault. It's not the be-all and end-all direct drive deck. But it looks perfectly respectable, sounds great out of the box and has a lot of modding potential.

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Service Spotlight: Custom Cables From Designacable

a UK-based company providing a massive range of custom made audio and video cables for musicians, studio, stage, cinema and broadcast, essentially any sector of the pro audio, installation or domestic hi-fi market.

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Edifier H880 Headphones Review

Another gem from Edifier. They’re more comfortable than the H850 and for sheer enjoyment are a better listen, though those looking for more accurate monitoring will want the H850.