Spin Care Vinyl Record Cleaning Machine & Vinyl Accessories Reviewed

the performance of the Spin Care leaves nothing to be desired. It leaves records gleaming both visually and sonically. At just £39.95, it’s an extraordinarily cost-effective investment for those getting started, or for those looking to clean their collection on a budget.

H880 Right Side

Edifier H880 Headphones Review

Another gem from Edifier. They’re more comfortable than the H850 and for sheer enjoyment are a better listen, though those looking for more accurate monitoring will want the H850.

M2scd Slv Front

Musical Fidelity M2scd CD player Review

The Musical Fidelity M2sCD partners high-quality CD mechanics with one of the best CD servo systems on the market, adds a fine DAC and well-designed power supply and wraps the lot in a smart, solid enclosure.

Lp60 Overall Of Inside Base 2

Repairing an Audio-Technica AT-LP60 With a Failed Motor

A couple of years ago I tested a GPO Stylo which was at the time one of the cheapest turntables available on the market. It was suggested that I repeat the test with an Audio-Technica AT-Lp60, arguably one of the best-selling budget turntables.

Dsr118w Grill

Yamaha DSR 112/115/215/118W Active PA Loudspeakers Reviewed

Public address loudspeakers have remained aesthetically similar for decades and truth be told they’ve never been especially lightweight or portable. technological advancements, primarily in class D amplification, have at least reduced the racks of auxiliary equipment needed to run a speaker set to virtually zero.

Sl 1200g Top View Lid Open 12

Technics SL-1200G Review & Comparison With SL-1200GR

Like the SP10 in the late ‘60s, the SL-1200G has raised the bar and set new performance standards that should redefine expectations for what high-end vinyl playback should be. The SL-1200G is a masterpiece. You owe it to yourself to hear one.

F301 Wal Frt 2

Fyne Audio F301 Bookshelf Speakers Reviewed

when old Tannoy talent regroup and launch a new name and fresh ranges designed from the ground up, there is certainly reason to get excited. If this is what the company can produce on a budget, I look forward to auditioning their more upmarket models.

Maple Td 150 Original Top Cover Off

Thorens TD-150, Rebuild & Modification Part One

It’s been a while since I owned a suspended belt drive turntable. I decided to build two decks; one based on a stock TD-150 MK2 in a Maple plinth and the other, using the inner workings of the TD-150 (sub-chassis, bearing, platter and motor) but with a new top plate and extensive modification and in a Cherry plinth.

CD Box S2 Silver Front 4

Pro-Ject CD Box S2 Review

If Pro-ject can tweak the software and include a better remote handset in the box (a must at this price), this would be a serious contender and is very much worth an audition.

SL-1200GR turned on top view 5

Technics SL-1200GR / SL-1210GR Turntable Review

When Technics commercialised the direct drive turntable in the ‘70s, they became known as class-leading products among the best available at any price. These new Technics turntable set new technical standards which will pave the way for future evolution of vinyl and the equipment we use to play it.