Nearly 70 Pro-Ject turntables stolen in UK transit

2020 Might be the most challenging year of our generation what with a global pandemic appearing seemingly from nowhere and quite literally taking over the world. But some things never change, and unscrupulous individuals committing crime is one of them.

Henley Audio reached out this morning to report that on a recent shipment into the UK, a quantity of Pro- Ject Audio Systems turntables were stolen in a night-time breach of a shipping trailer. While parked overnight in Aylesford, Kent, a shipping trailer booked by Transbritannia as part of a regular stock shipment to Henley Audio was broken into and nearly 70 turntables were stolen.

Unfortunately it must now now be assumed that these products will be made available for sale in the UK through an unauthorised source. As the products are stolen, the serial numbers of the affected products are published Here. Purchasers should be aware that when purchasing from non- authorised Pro-Ject Audio Systems retailers they could well be purchasing stolen goods. Customers who purchase these items are encouraged to report their seller to the necessary authorities. The crime reference number from Kent Police is 240113. Affected products will have no warranty support from Henley or Pro-Ject Audio Systems.

To find an authorised Pro-Ject stockist, visit either Henley Audio or Pro-Ject.

By Ashley

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  1. Pro-ject? The thieves obviously weren’t audiophiles. Still, it’s likely one of the last such shipments that Heinz will be making thanks to the stupidity of those who voted for Brexit — imagine how much thievery will occur when 7,000 of those lorries are parked nose-to-tail in Kent…

    1. Pro-Ject have some pretty decent stuff these days especially in the upper ranges. It will be interesting to see what impact Brexit has on the hi-fi industry. I’m dreading it as the majority of the best kit (in my opinion of course) doesn’t come from the UK. But it’s out of our hands.

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