Music Recording – A Logic Pro X Workflow

What follows is a method of music creating using Apple's Logic Pro X recording software, but so much of what I say here will apply to pretty much any software package, as it's more about a philosophy, rather than "click this, then click that". I hope this workflow will prove useful for all budding musicians, and that it entertains you more than wading your way through one of the many enormous books on the subject.

Edifier Luna Eclipse Rear

Edifier Luna Eclipse E25 Bluetooth Speakers Review

While some may prefer the style and sound of a traditional ‘boxy’ speaker, there’s no doubting that these are an extremely capable option for those who prefer a little more style on their desktop. They’re well made, unusually styled and are sonically capable.

Should you Buy an All-In-One Turntable?

The turntables on today’s market fall into 1 of 2 categories. All-in-1 tables consist of a turntable, amplifier and speakers, contained within the same casework. Some systems include support for other formats too, including CD, digital playback via USB and even cassette. But are they as good as they seem?

A Guide to Phono Stages

A phono stage is a preamplifier used to boost the minute signal of a phono cartridge, while reversing the equalisation curves used when cutting the record. Here's our complete guide.


The Components of a Turntable

Many of the most popular record players for sale today are of an all-in-1 design, meaning that the record player, amplifier and speakers are housed within the same case, which is usually of a retro design in a portable space-saving form factor. These devices can be purchased for less than £100, which compared to even a budget system comprised of a separate turntable, amplifier and speakers can make them seem like excellent value for money. To assess whether or not this is the case, we first need to see what actually makes a turntable tick.

How to Set Up a Turntable

An in-depth guide to correctly setting up a turntable. The correct way to adjust vertical tracking force, vertical tracking angle, anti-skate / bias and azimuth are all discussed here.

Turntable Drive Systems

A guide to the three primary turntable drive systems - belt drive, direct drive and idler drive - and the pros and cons of each.

Recommended Tools and Gifts for Vinyl Fans

A few recommended tools and gifts for vinyl fans. These will ease the task of setting up and maintaining your turntable as well as allowing you to exact the maximum quality possible from your system and vinyl.

Pro-Ject Classic Rosenut 4

Pro-Ject ‘The Classic’ Turntable Review

Pro-Ject’s ‘The Classic’ is a modern deck with a degree of retro charm. Clever technology meets a classic design, and the result is a worthy contender at the price. A better cartridge wouldn’t go Amiss, and a revised anti-skate system would be a major plus too.