A guide to the three primary turntable drive systems - belt drive, direct drive and idler drive - and the pros and cons of each.

Turntable Drive Systems

A few recommended tools and gifts for vinyl fans. These will ease the task of setting up and maintaining your turntable as well as allowing you to exact the maximum quality possible from your system and vinyl.

Recommended Tools and Gifts for Vinyl Fans

Pro-Ject Classic Rosenut 4
Pro-Ject’s ‘The Classic’ is a modern deck with a degree of retro charm. Clever technology meets a classic design, and the result is a worthy contender at the price. A better cartridge wouldn’t go Amiss, and a revised anti-skate system would be a major plus too.

Pro-Ject ‘The Classic’ Turntable Review

Yamaha KX-580 with Tapes 1
What? A cassette deck review in 2017? A little anachronistic, surely? A few weeks ago, I mentioned to AA's own Ashley that I'd been getting a bit nostalgic for the defunct format, especially after seeing Andy Hall's extensive collection of Beatles cassettes on his great YouTube channel. Search him, and you'll see what I mean. I mentioned to Ashley that my favourite cassette deck had been my Yamaha KX-580 SE which I'd owned from new since 1999, and which I'd sadly sold for the price of a plate of beans on toast a few years later. I'd also thrown away a lot of tapes that I'd kept in the loft, when I made a necessary downsize in accommodation. I couldn't quite kick the cassette habit though, and shortly after I bought a NAD 613 deck.

Yamaha KX-580 Cassette Deck Review