Sivga Oriole Out Of Bag With Cable Plugged In

Sivga Oriole Headphones Reviewed

similar to the Robin, as one would expect given their obvious similarity. I prefer the style, and they’re as impeccable in build and finish as any other Sivga headphone I’ve tried. Unlike plastic-laden rivals for similar money, they should last a lifetime if you look after them.

Front Cambridge A5

Cambridge Audio A5 Repair & Review

Resurrecting an original Cambridge Audio A5 integrated amp. A very clean sounding amp, that sounds a lot more powerful than it is. Quite capable of cranking out the tunes into the right speakers; just know its limits.

Over All View Of Finished Preamp Hypex Preamp

Building the Hypex DIY Preamplifier Kit

The DIY preamplifier kit from Hypex is a brand new product fresh off the production line. It is a fully analogue design with modern conveniences including remote control, flexible signal routing, and a large monochrome display. Herein I document the build and show how easy it is for anyone to construct this high-end preamp, regardless of experience or technical ability.

Spartan 5 Front Powered 9

Classic Audio Spartan 5 Phono Stage Reviewed

A diminutive little box, in which is a simple but objectively and subjectively top-class circuit typology. The Spartan series should be underlined at the top of your shortlist. They represent high-end objective performance and save you a boatload of cash.

S3 Front View

Edifier STAX Spirit S3 High-Res Bluetooth Headphones Reviewed

Cutting-edge Bluetooth headphones for the wifi generation, packing some of the best tech currently available, supporting the latest wireless codecs, offering outstanding comfort, portability and battery life, and with some of the best planar-magnetic headphone drivers on the market. They may not be pure STAX, but they’re worthy of the STAX name through and through.

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Edifier MS-50A Bluetooth / Wifi Speaker Review

If you’re buying these primarily to listen to music, I would certainly suggest you buy two to pair them up for proper stereo. But if you’re after a great-looking, well-built streaming speaker, and you don’t want invasive smart tech in your home, The MS-50 may just be for you.

Belford Bookshelf

Majority Eddington & Belford Portable Radios Reviewed

The Belford is a highly affordable no-frills radio with the advantage of an AM tuner, something which many radios now lack. The Eddington is the ideal travel companion - an excellent DAB+ radio with added FM, a pocket Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth bridge for your old-fashioned headphones.

Toshiba Pc G10 Front View

Toshiba PC-G10 Cassette Deck Repair

The Toshiba PC-G10 cassette deck was sold in 1983 as part of a Toshiba ‘Rack system’. These are fine decks and well worth the little they cost to pick up on the second-hand market.

Sony Front :top Angle View

Sony CFD-G50L Boombox Repair

the culmination of the so-called ‘ghettoblaster’ in its best form after decades of refinement. This particular example had a few faults. The CD player didn’t read discs, the tape deck warbled hopelessly off key and FM radio reception wasn’t as good as I thought it should be.

Overall Of Original

Sony CFS-W318 Cassette Radio Repair Fail

A Sony CFS-W318 radio cassette boombox from the turn of the millennium. Scrapped due to brittle plastic in the tape mechanisms, but an interesting electronic design and a useful source of parts including a nice tuner module.

Front View Complete

Philips MC-151/12 Micro System Repair Fail

You can't save 'em all. This is a Philips MC-151 micro 'hi-fi' system, a far cry from the once-great audio division of Philips who produced the first cassette recorders, a myriad of portable and hi-fi turntables, one of the first consumer CD players and even owned Marantz for a time.