Toshiba Pc G10 Front View

Toshiba PC-G10 Cassette Deck Repair

The Toshiba PC-G10 cassette deck was sold in 1983 as part of a Toshiba ‘Rack system’. These are fine decks and well worth the little they cost to pick up on the second-hand market.

Sony Front :top Angle View

Sony CFD-G50L Boombox Repair

the culmination of the so-called ‘ghettoblaster’ in its best form after decades of refinement. This particular example had a few faults. The CD player didn’t read discs, the tape deck warbled hopelessly off key and FM radio reception wasn’t as good as I thought it should be.

Overall Of Original

Sony CFS-W318 Cassette Radio Repair Fail

A Sony CFS-W318 radio cassette boombox from the turn of the millennium. Scrapped due to brittle plastic in the tape mechanisms, but an interesting electronic design and a useful source of parts including a nice tuner module.

Front View Complete

Philips MC-151/12 Micro System Repair Fail

You can't save 'em all. This is a Philips MC-151 micro 'hi-fi' system, a far cry from the once-great audio division of Philips who produced the first cassette recorders, a myriad of portable and hi-fi turntables, one of the first consumer CD players and even owned Marantz for a time.

Yamaha Crx M170 Overall Inside

Yamaha CRX-M170 DAB CD Receiver Repair

a Yamaha CRX-M170 CD receiver offered on Freecycle recently sparked my interest. It was listed as having a couple of faults - a temperamental CD player and an erratic volume knob. These are plentiful on the second-hand market for little or no cost and are well worth a punt.

Denon Drm 740 Front 2

Denon DRM-740 Cassette Deck Repair

full of cheap plastic and not the most fun to service, but serviced with care they do sound very good, and cost less on the second-hand market than other 3-head, dual capstan models from Sony, Technics, Aiwa, Pioneer and Nakamichi et al.

Cambridge Axc35 Angle View Jpg 2

Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD player Reviewed

well made and smart to look at, clean uncoloured and pleasant to listen to, the AXC35 is a fine performer. Its simplistic electronics and quality disc drive should be reliable for many years.

Cambridge Axa35 Angle View

Cambridge Audio AXA35 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

a smart-looking, well-featured amplifier. It’s nicely made and finished with plenty of versatility for most users, but it could be better engineered in places and has a lot of competition at this price.

Cambridge Sx60 Pair Without Cover

Cambridge Audio SX-60 Standmount Speakers Reviewed

These are speakers for rock and pop fans, but classical listeners should probably look elsewhere. They’ll delight hiphop and electronic fans too providing you have an amp with some ‘oomf’ behind it that can give those slightly stiff woofers a kick up the backside.

Yamaha Front 2

Yamaha KX-580SE Cassette Deck Service & Repair

Later KX-series decks are very simple mechanically and electronically, easy to service and maintain and generally well constructed as far as later cassette decks go. And for now at least, second-hand pricing is still relatively sane

Cambridge 540c V2 Front

Cambridge Audio 540C No Disc Repair

A mini review and repair of a Cambridge Audio 540C V2 CD player with a 'No Disc' error. Applies also to 340C, 640C, 740C, 840C, 351C, 651C, 851C etc.

F700 Piano Gloss Black Front 4

Fyne Audio F700 Standmount Speakers Reviewed

An aesthetically beautiful speaker with a sonic signature that closely follows the neutrality line, but adds a dose of ‘get up n’ go’ to proceedings. Impeccably built with possibly the best single-point concentric driver currently on the market.

Kali Audio In8 V2 Front Gallery 1 4

Kali Audio IN-8 V2 Coincident Active Studio Monitors Reviewed

One of the best coincident driver designs around regardless of price, Paired with an equally adept bass driver, clever port design and unique DSP-based boundary equalisation. These active monitors are quite extraordinary at their position not far from the bottom rung of the price ladder.